Resilience In The Workplace

Resilience In The Workplace

While we can't always change our circumstances, we can change how resilient we are. Learn how to take the stress out of your life and become more productive by mastering the trait of resiliency. Debra deWaal is a former Calgary Police Officer who now leads her own company, Safe & Sound. She will share with you the ways in which you can perform at the upper limits of your talents when facing stress or pressure. This session will leave you re-energized and set to take on your next hour or your next life adventure.

Upon completion of this workshop, the participant will be able to:

Achieve new superior performance levels personally and professionally
Get the most out of themselves while under stress and pressure
Skills required to master working effectively with others
Re-focus and become energized and motivated to gain control and balance in their life
Recover and adjust quickly in times of adversity
Identify the most valuable communication skill

Debra deWaal is a former Calgary Police Officer and is now the owner of Safe & Sound Safety Training & Consulting Ltd. Debra's 10 year career with CPS included 3 years undercover work in auto theft, stolen property and vice. Debra also spent numerous years working on the street as a uniformed officer.

Debra is a professional member of Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and has been developing and facilitating Mental Toughness, Personal Safety and Conflict Management Training to Canadian citizens since 1995.

All courses and workshops are customized to suit the needs of your audience. Courses can range from three to seven hours in length, depending on the content chosen. Although Debra's home base is in Calgary, Alberta, she will travel anywhere across Canada. Please call (403) 216-7000 or email at for date availability, costs and content discussion.